A Top Republican Senator is Planning This Massive Supreme Court Betrayal

Conservatives are about to get some bad news. No one could believe what is about to happen. And a top Republican Senator is planning this massive Supreme Court betrayal. During the 2020 presidential campaign Joe Biden made a pledge to…

Trump Couldn’t Believe What He Heard This Republican Say About Investigating Obama

Donald Trump and his supporters pushed Congress to get to the bottom of Obamagate. That put the spotlight squarely on one Senator with the power to expose former President Barack Obama’s crimes. And Donald Trump couldn’t believe what he heard…

Nancy Pelosi Went Berserk When She Walked Into This Trap Trump Set

Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are licking their chops at contrasting their record with the Democrats’ socialist and anti-American policies in the 2020 campaign. Now that job just got easier. And Nancy Pelosi went berserk when she walked into this…

Republicans Have One Last Impeachment Surprise That Made Adam Schiff Collapse

Adam Schiff’s big impeachment crime is finally getting the attention it deserves. A Top Republican is launching a huge investigation that is about to take him down. Republicans have one last impeachment surprise that made Adam Schiff collapse. Adam Schiff…

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