Megyn Kelly Shut Down This Impeachment Rumor With One Harsh Reality Check

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s emerged as a player in the impeachment witch hunt. Because of her past feud with Donald Trump, many pundits expected Kelly to try and damage the President. And then Megyn Kelly shut down this…

Tucker Carlson Asked a Question About Megyn Kelly That Changed Her Life Forever

Megyn Kelly’s been off television since NBC fired her after a controversy over racial remarks. Now pundits and media consumers are wondering what is next. And Tucker Carlson asked one question about Megyn Kelly that changed her life forever. The…

Megyn Kelly Said Eight Words No One Ever Thought They Would Hear

Megyn Kelly’s career went off the rails when she jumped from Fox News to NBC. NBC fired her last fall and Kelly has been casting about trying figure out where she fits in today’s political and media landscape. And that’s…

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