A Mistake From Joe Biden’s Past just Made the Coronavirus Outbreak Much Worse

The Presidential election has faded into the background. But that does not mean the campaign has stopped. And now a mistake from Joe Biden’s past just made the coronavirus outbreak much worse. Joe Biden is pitching himself to voters as…

Donald Trump Threw Down One Ultimatum That Just Changed Everything

Trump made a strong stand after a tragic crime rocked the nation. He was not going to let the vicious massacre of American women and children go unpunished. Donald Trump threw down one ultimatum that just changed everything. Border security…

Trump Turned Nancy Pelosi’s Life Into a Living Hell With This Threat

Nancy Pelosi and President Trump are gearing up for another major fight over the border. Pelosi walked into the battle thinking she held all the cards. But President Trump turned Nancy Pelosi’s life into a living hell with this threat.…

The U.S. Military Just Gave Chuck Schumer a Surprise That Ruined His Week

Chuck Schumer is furious. Once again, President Trump has humiliated him in front of the entire nation. And this time, the U.S. Military just gave Schumer a surprise that ruined his week. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer just got news he was dreading.…

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