Joe Biden Just Blew His Cover Story With One Jaw-Dropping Admission Of Guilt

Joe Biden was hoping one big crime committed would slip under the radar. He knows this could bring his whole campaign down. Joe Biden just blew his cover story with one jaw-dropping admission of guilt. Democrats have relied heavily on…

A Top Republican Guaranteed Obama Will Pay The Price For His Underhanded Spying

Obama won’t get away with the Russiagate hoax if this one important measure passes. It’s vitally necessary to protect the freedom of Americans. A top Republican guaranteed Obama will pay the price for his underhanded spying. What happened to Michael…

Barack Obama Only Has One Last Shot At Covering Up His Russiagate Crime

Barack Obama knows that he is standing on dangerously thin ice. One wrong move and he could end up in prison. Barack Obama only has one last shot at covering up his Russiagate crime. The fact that Michael Flynn was…

William Barr Delivered an Ultimatum to Trump That Stunned Him Into Silence

Since taking over as Attorney General, William Barr functioned as one of President Trump’s most loyal and effective cabinet officials. But now all hell is breaking loose. And it’s all due to the fact that William Barr delivered an ultimatum…

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