Donald Trump Just Ended This Giant Barack Obama Mistake

Barack Obama left behind a failed legacy when Donald Trump assumed the Presidency. Donald Trump is having to work overtime to clean up the awful mess Obama left him. And now Donald Trump just ended this giant Barack Obama mistake.…

Jeff Sessions Just Shut Down This Ugly Rumor About Him and Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions’ tenure in the Trump administration ended under a black cloud of controversy and hard feelings. Sessions tried to move past that by making a comeback for his old Senate seat which raised more questions about Sessions’ relationship with…

Joe Biden Just Made a Huge Mistake That Will Cost Him the Presidency

Joe Biden wants nothing more than to be President of the United States. But his ridiculous decisions and statements continue to get in the way of that dream. And he just made a huge mistake that will cost him the…

Iran Issued This Awful Threat to Donald Trump That Could Mean World War 3

America’s enemies are lashing out now that they realize the days of Barack Obama’s weakness and appeasement are over. No country is feeling the pressure of Donald Trump’s pressure campaign quite like Iran. And Iran issued this awful threat to…

Ted Cruz Just Revealed a Conspiracy to Bring Down Obama’s Most Treasonous Deal

Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East was horrendous. It weakened both America’s security and its reputation. Ted Cruz just revealed a conspiracy to bring down Obama’s treasonous mistake. Obama’s foreign policies hurt America. Not just his “minor gaffes” like…

Ilhan Omar Loses Her Grip of Reality in This Flurry of Unthinkable Lies

Ilhan Omar has had a bad week. Her plans were disrupted because of her radical sentiments. Now Ilhan Omar is losing her grip of reality in this flurry of unthinkable lies. Ilhan Omar does not have a good track record…

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