A Top Democrat Betrayed His Employees In Middle Of The Coronavirus Crisis

One big Democrat went back on his word and fired his workers without warning. He had the money to pay them in his pocket. A top Democrat betrayed his employees in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. Michael Bloomberg is…

Donald Trump Uncovered an Illegal Scheme That Has Mike Bloomberg Panicking

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign is going down the drain faster than he can spend his money. His hope to buy out the election outright has hit a major roadblock. Donald Trump uncovered an illegal scheme that has Mike Bloomberg panicking. The…

Mike Bloomberg Just Spelled His Campaign’s Doom. This Video Will End It All

Mike Bloomberg is trying to win the Presidency by bombarding the air waves with hundreds of millions of dollars in TV ads lying about Donald Trump. Bloomberg has been rising in the polls. But now Mike Bloomberg just spelled his…

A Bombshell Clip Exposed a Top Democrat Candidate’s Racist Secret

An explosive old interview just ended a rising Presidential bid. There’s no recovering from his shocking targeting of minorities. A bombshell clip exposed a top Democrat candidate’s racist secret. Mike Bloomberg is rather a fish out of water in the…

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