William Barr Was Seeing Red After Robert Mueller Launched This Sneak Attack

Mueller cannot accept the report that he wrote himself. Even though it cleared Trump of all charges Mueller is still using it to go after key Republican figures. Now William Barr was seeing red after Robert Mueller launched this sneak…

What Robert Mueller Said Means He’s in Much Deeper Trouble Than Anyone Predicted

Robert Mueller may have admitted he can’t charge a sitting President. And he may have said that’s the main reason why he won’t go before Congress and offer further testimony on the obstruction charges. The problem for Mueller is what…

William Barr May Be on His Way to Destroying One Democrat’s Life

Things have gone from bad to worse for the Democrats. Not only is Trump’s economy doing well enough to get people voting Republican… Now William Barr may be on his way to destroying one Democrat’s presidential hopes. If Trump turns…

Nancy Pelosi Went Ballistic After A New Poll Dropped Spelling Her Doom

Democrats are in a lot of trouble. Even with Nancy Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair, things are getting worse. And Pelosi just went ballistic after a new poll dropped that spelled her doom. The number one goal of the Democrat…

Trey Gowdy Drove the Final Nail in Mueller’s Coffin With This Reality Check

Robert Mueller thought he set the table perfectly for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to impeach President Trump. Mueller’s final report included an entire section designed to convict President Trump on charges of obstruction of justice. But Trey Gowdy just…

Barak Obama Panics as Shocking Indictment Means He Could Be in Hot Water

This Obama official appeared in court and was indicted in a major scandal. The Obama juggernaut is in shambles as the dominos are beginning to fall. And Barak Obama is panicking as this shocking indictment means he is next on…

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