Ro Khanna Blasts Nancy Pelosi For Defending Diane Feinstein

For over 20 years Nancy Pelosi was the unquestioned leader of the Democrat Party in Congress. But Pelosi got a rude awakening. Nancy Pelosi just got hit with one challenge from her own party that she never saw coming. California…

Nancy Pelosi Overturns American Legal System to Justify Trump Indictment

Democrats are shifting the entire American legal system just to go after Donald Trump. They’re destroying the very basis of American justice. And Nancy Pelosi just exposed how the Democrats are changing the law with this insane statement. Rep. Nancy…

Nancy Pelosi Horrified That Biden Said Trump May Be ‘Future President’

Joe Biden just made a prediction for the future and it’s the last thing Democrats want. It’s shocking he said it in public. And Nancy Pelosi was horrified when Biden said these two words about Trump. It’s clear to the…

A Top Republican DEVASTATED CNN With One Stone-Cold Truth

CNN operates as the propaganda megaphone for the Democrat Party. But a conservative turned the tables on the leftwing network. And this top Republican devastated CNN with one stone-cold truth. Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett was one of the conservatives refusing…

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