All Hell Broke Loose When This Brand New Poll of a Key State Changed Trump’s Fate

All the pundits and so-called “experts” thought they had the 2020 election figured out. But just like in 2016 they were all wrong. And all hell broke loose when this brand new poll of one key state changed Donald Trump’s…

Barack Obama Had Steam Coming Out of His Ears After This Jaw-Dropping Insult

Barack Obama is the undisputed king of the Democrat party. Many rank-and-file voters wish he or his wife Michelle Obama could be the Democrat nominee for President in 2020. And Barack Obama had steam coming out of his ears after…

Joe Biden Is Trying to Hide This Dangerous Secret That Could Bring Him Down

Joe Biden is the front runner in the Democratic race. The only way he can keep that position is if he stays out of the limelight. He is trying to hide this dangerous secret that could bring him down. Joe…

Joe Biden Is on Thin Ice After This Devastating Scandal Broke

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is rapidly turning into a textbook case of how not to run for office. And it’s all because Biden himself keeps torpedoing his own campaign on a weekly basis. And this time, Joe Biden is on…

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