The Results of One Key Swing State Poll Had Trump Shaking His Head in Disbelief

Donald Trump’s re-election fate will be decided by voters in a handful of key states. The picture in the battlegrounds is beginning to come into focus. And the results of this one key swing state poll had Trump shaking his…

Rush Limbaugh Has the Clintons on Edge After What He Said About Jeffrey Epstein

The Clinton family is laying low following the “suicide” of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. It is well documented that Bill Clinton has had long-held ties to him. And Rush Limbaugh now has their entire family on edge after what he…

Donald Trump Owns This Secret Weapon That Every Democrat Fears in 2020

Despite what the fake news media “reports”, the 2020 Presidential Election is wide open. And the left just got the worst news of their lives. That’s because Donald Trump owns this secret weapon that every Democrat fears in 2020. One…

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