This Hillary Clinton Ally is Terrified of Dying in Jail For One Big Reason

Hillary Clinton’s connections to shady characters are one of the defining characteristics of her public life. And many of them have a habit of turning up dead under mysterious circumstances. Now this Hillary Clinton ally is terrified of dying in…

The Hollywood Left Were Left Stunned by One Jaw-Dropping Speech

It’s no secret that Hollywood hates President Donald Trump. And this past weekend, the liberal press descended on the Golden Globe Awards to mock the President in a ceremony known for its left-wing speakers. But one jaw-dropping speech at the…

Adam Schiff Was in Tears After Seeing One Picture That Spells His Doom

Adam Schiff is under a lot of pressure by the deep state. They are counting on him to push impeachment of President Trump over the finish line. But Schiff was in tears after seeing one picture that spells his doom.…

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