You Won’t Believe The Shocking Reason Mitch McConnell Suspended His Campaign

Mitch McConnell is paying a stunning cost for defending the American people. He’s willing to sacrifice it all. You won’t believe the shocking reason Mitch McConnell suspended his campaign. The Chinese coronavirus that is sweeping through the nation is making…

John Bolton Got Caught Breaking This Law. Here Is the Legal Punishment He Faces

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton declared war on Donald Trump. In the final days of the Senate impeachment trial the contents of Bolton’s upcoming book leaked to the New York Times in an 11th hour bid to boost the…

These Republicans Just Double-Crossed Trump. This Betrayal Will Make Your Blood Boil

The Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump just reached its most critical phase. Deep State leakers unleashed their “January Surprise” in the form of John Bolton’s anti-Trump book. And these Republicans just double-crossed President Trump. This betrayal will leave you…

Rush Limbaugh Told One Truth About 2020 That Is Bad News for Donald Trump

Donald Trump and his campaign are studying the polls ahead of the upcoming Presidential Election. The President’s campaign is trying to figure out the path to re-election. But Rush Limbaugh told one truth about 2020 that is bad news for…

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