William Barr Was Handed Documents That Exposed a Secret Obama Thought He Buried

Barack Obama and his Deep State allies cringed in fear. The secret they spent years covering up will finally be out in the open. And that’s because William Barr was handed documents that exposed a secret Obama thought he buried.…

William Barr Is Sitting on a Bombshell That Has Barack Obama in a Full-Blown Panic

After months of waiting, the day President Trump and his supporters have been waiting for is about to finally happen. That’s bad news for Barack Obama. And it’s because William Barr is sitting on a bombshell that has Barack Obama…

Sean Hannity Went on TV and Issued One Ultimatum That Could End His Career

Barack Obama’s Deep State allies and the Democrats declared total war on President Trump. In addition to ending the Trump Presidency, the conspirators seek to punish Trump’s highest profile supporters. That’s why Sean Hannity went on TV and issued one…

Barack Obama Was Not Prepared for the Smoking Gun Fox News Just Uncovered

Barack Obama cannot escape the fallout from the Russia collusion hoax. Eventually, the truth was going to come out. But Barack Obama was not prepared for Fox News airing the smoking gun that proved crimes were committed. North Carolina Congressman…

Barack Obama Just Got Some Insanely Bad News From the One Person He Never Expected

Barack Obama was front and center for the worst scandal in American political history. The Russian collusion hoax started on his watch as an effort to frame Trump and swing the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton. And now Obama just…

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