One Pelosi Ally Picked a Fight With Trump That Will End His Career

Democrats are obsessed with destroying President Trump. And now, they’re attacking his family and business connections like never before. But one top Pelosi ally just picked a fight with Trump that will leave his career in shambles. Democrats hate President…

Nancy Pelosi Just Exposed the Biggest Lie of Her Career With Seven Words

Nancy Pelosi is on the run. And after a disastrous few months as Speaker, she’s desperately trying to find something to hit President Trump on. And now, her greatest lie is crashing down around her after she said just seven…

Nancy Pelosi Took the Biggest Gamble of Her Life and It Backfired in a Major Way

Nancy Pelosi was backed into a corner and had only one move she could make. It was a high-risk, high-reward play that would determine the future of the Democrat Party. So Pelosi ended up taking the biggest gamble of her…

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