Nancy Pelosi Waved the White Flag After This Humiliating Defeat

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was distraught. Pelosi and her Democrat allies chose a course of action on impeachment that liberals hoped would end with the Trump Presidency left in shambles. Instead Nancy Pelosi just waved the white flag after this…

Joe Biden Was Caught Hiding One Secret About His Health That Ended His Campaign

Former Vice President Joe Biden regained his footing as the favorite to win the Democrat Party nomination as polls showed Biden with the best chance to defeat President Trump. And then disaster struck. That’s because Joe Biden was caught hiding…

Bill Clinton Left Adam Schiff Red With Rage by Telling One Impeachment Truth

Bill Clinton knows a thing or two about surviving impeachment. But Democrats were not prepared for what former President Clinton was about to reveal in public. And Bill Clinton left Adam Schiff red with rage by telling one impeachment truth.…

Adam Schiff Got Smacked With This Lawsuit That Exposed His Worst Crime

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and the fake news media are in deep trouble. A top Trump ally is fighting back against the lies and misinformation that form the foundation for the Democrats’ impeachment hoax. And Adam Schiff got…

A Sex Scandal From the Past Just Destroyed One Trump Challenger

A bombshell sexual misconduct scandal is turning the Democrat Presidential field upside down. Everyone thought this one Democrat would be a major player when she jumped into the race. But the ghosts of one scandal from the past just destroyed…

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