Mitt Romney Just Joined the Democrats at The One Moment Trump Needed Him Most

RINO Senator Mitt Romney just crossed an unthinkable line. Romney picked his spot to sabotage the President. And Mitt Romney just joined the Democrats at the one moment Trump needed him most. Romney voted to convict the President on the…

Tucker Carlson Revealed The Huge Scandal CNN Was Trying to Keep Secret

CNN is in some hot water. The fake news network got caught in a major coronavirus lie. Tucker Carlson revealed the huge scandal CNN was trying to keep secret. Andrew Cuomo has made the most out of the outbreak of…

Nancy Pelosi Gave An Awful Hint On Impeachment. This is Her Redline

Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to let a huge crisis like the Chinese coronavirus go to waste. She’s looking to land a knockout blow. Nancy Pelosi Gave An Awful Hint On Impeachment. This is her redline. Democrats have a major problem…

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