Barack Obama’s Legacy Will Never be the Same After What Trump Just Did

The legacy of Barack Obama is one of corruption, economic ruin, and racial division. This is despite the mainstream media working overtime to cover for him. And Obama’s legacy will never be the same after what Trump just did. At…

William Barr Drew One Line in the Sand That Turned the Tables on Barack Obama

Attorney General William Barr continues to raise the ire of the left. This time it’s because the Attorney General set his sights on the Democrats’ head honcho. And William Barr drew one line in the sand that turned the tables…

Barack Obama Tried to Pull the Wool Over the Public’s Eyes With an Awful Scheme

Obama is hopping mad that Trump succeeded where he failed. He’s afraid that his cowardly behavior has finally been exposed. Barack Obama tried to pull the wool over the public’s eyes with an awful scheme. The Democrats are panicking because…

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