Donald Trump Hit CNN With A Big Lawsuit That Will Stop Their Lies For Good

CNN crossed a line when they tried to take Donald Trump down with one huge lie. The President isn’t about to take this one lying down. Donald Trump hit CNN with a big lawsuit that will stop their lies for…

Chuck Schumer Just Made One Enormous Promise He’ll Live to Regret

The radical left is poised to take complete control of the Democratic Party. The rest of the party is so caught up in attacking Trump they can’t see what’s coming. Chuck Schumer just made one enormous promise he’ll live to…

One ABC Anchor Revealed This Bill Clinton Bombshell and All Hell Is About to Break Loose

It’s been weeks since sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died. But every day, new information emerges about his crimes. And all hell is about to break loose as one ABC anchor reveals this Bill Clinton sex scandal bombshell. One ABC anchor…

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