Rand Paul Made This Scary Prediction About the Senate Impeaching Donald Trump

The Senate is about to hold its second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. America has never seen anything like this before. And now Rand Paul made this scary prediction about the Senate impeaching Donald Trump. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul warned…

A Republican Asked a Question about the Military that Shut Down Black Lives Matter

Another American city is about to burn. Black Lives Matter rioters geared up for mayhem. But a Republican asked this question about the military that could shut down Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter terrorists gathered in Louisville and began…

Rand Paul Called This Anti-Trump Traitor with One Devastating Truth

Donald Trump is finding out that even though the election is a little over 100 days away not everyone in the Republican Party is united behind him. In fact, one of the top Republicans in Congress was found to be…

Rand Paul Left Nancy Pelosi Stunned After He Revealed this Embarrassing Fact

Democrats are willfully tearing down history. Rabid leftists are ripping down statues across the country while Democrats encourage the behavior. Rand Paul left Nancy Pelosi stunned after he revealed this embarrassing fact. The socialist wing of the Democrat party has…

A Top Republican Guaranteed Obama Will Pay The Price For His Underhanded Spying

Obama won’t get away with the Russiagate hoax if this one important measure passes. It’s vitally necessary to protect the freedom of Americans. A top Republican guaranteed Obama will pay the price for his underhanded spying. What happened to Michael…

Rand Paul Exposed One Deep State Secret That Will Destroy a Key Obama Ally

There is a deep state working overtime to take down Trump from inside his own government. Trump continues to weaken them, but they are still hiding in the shadows. And Rand Paul just exposed one deep state secret that will…

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