Rashida Tlaib Crossed a Line in a Vicious Attack. This Scandal Could Ruin Her

Rashida Tlaib went further than ever before in a shocking outburst. She called police when asked one easy question about her record. Rashida Tlaib crossed a line in a vicious attack. This scandal could ruin her. It’s not surprising that…

CNN’s Shocking New Accusation Against Republicans Leaves Viewers Dumbfounded

CNN has a long history of attacking conservatives. But now they have reached new heights of insanity. CNN’s shocking new accusation against Republicans leaves viewers dumbfounded. CNN has not even tried in the past to hide their left leaning bias.…

A Skeleton From Ilhan Omar’s Past Just Came Back to Bite Her

Ilhan Omar spent all week ranting and raving about President Trump and smearing him as a racist. But now it’s Omar’s conduct that is under the microscope. And now a skeleton from Ilhan Omar’s past just came back to bite…

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