Joe Biden Hopes You Never See This Damning Video

Joe Biden can try to deny it. But what happened was caught on camera. And Joe Biden hopes you never see this damning video. The Democrats go to play every election season is claiming Republicans want to kill grandma and…

Donald Trump Revealed Why Joe Biden Won’t Shoot Down the Communist Chinese Spy Balloon

Joe Biden allowed a Communist Chinese spy balloon to fly over America and gather intelligence on the United States’ nuclear weapons and most advanced stealth bomber technology. Americans cannot understand why Biden let this happen. But Donald Trump revealed why…

A Key Republican Defended Ilhan Omar With These Two Jaw-Dropping Words

Ilhan Omar is one of the most outspoken and radical Democrats in Washington. But something strange happened. A key Republican defended Ilhan Omar with these two jaw-dropping words. RINO South Carolina Congresswoman claimed Speaker Kevin McCarthy booting Omar off the…

A Top Republican DEVASTATED CNN With One Stone-Cold Truth

CNN operates as the propaganda megaphone for the Democrat Party. But a conservative turned the tables on the leftwing network. And this top Republican devastated CNN with one stone-cold truth. Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett was one of the conservatives refusing…

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