Trey Gowdy Dropped This One Surprise That Was a Rude Awakening for Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters and other top Democrats thought they had the smoking gun to take down Donald Trump. But those plans just went down in flames. That’s because Trey Gowdy just dropped this one surprise that was a rude awakening for…

Nancy Pelosi Just Made a Phone Call That Proved Her Guilty of One Big Thing

Nancy Pelosi spent months telling one big lie. Now her dishonesty is out in the open. That’s because Pelosi just made the one phone call that proved her guilty of one major thing. This past Saturday, just before the release…

Maxine Waters Revealed The Next Target On Her Hit List And Trump Will Be Furious

Maxine Waters has some bad news for Donald Trump. The California Democrat is gunning for his impeachment. And Waters just revealed the next target on her hit list and Donald Trump will be furious. Immediately after the Michael Cohen circus…

Robert Mueller’s Coup Against Trump Went Down In Flames Because Of One Betrayal

This was the day Robert Mueller spent two years building towards. Michael Cohen stepped in front of the House Oversight Committee as the secret weapon to take down Donald Trump. Mueller wound him up and turned him loose on the…

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