Barack Obama Dropped a 2020 Announcement that Turned Trump’s Life Upside Down

Democrats are now turning their attention to the General Election and their quest to defeat Donald Trump. Former President Barack Obama is now ready to get off the sidelines and jump on to the field of play. Barack Obama dropped…

Nancy Pelosi Just Lost This Big Fight. This is Who Shut her Down

Nancy Pelosi is not used to coming out on the wrong end of a political fight. But in one of the biggest legislative lifts in American history Pelosi had a huge demand. Now Nancy Pelosi just lost this big fight. …

Massive Scandal With Mitch McConnell Could Put a Democrat Into the Oval Office

Just a few short days ago protestors posted up outside of Mitch McConnel’s home late at night. They were yelling and screaming for him to “face justice” and crying out for someone to “stab the motherf****r because he’d scandalously blocked…

Chuck Schumer Lost a Major Fight to the Last Person He Ever Expected

Chuck Schumer’s plan to oust Donald Trump involves obstruction, delays, and inventing fake scandals. The Democrat leader in the Senate put this plan in motion from the first day of Donald Trump’s Presidency. But Schumer suffered a major defeat when…

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