Judge Rules Trump Cannot Post On Social Media About Evidence In Alvin Bragg’s Criminal Case

Donald Trump is going to be furious. The witch hunt against him has picked up steam. Alvin Bragg just won a huge decision that is a devastating defeat for Donald Trump. George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg notched a…

Megyn Kelly Rips Liberal Media For Making Stormy Daniels A Hero

The corporate media propped up Stormy Daniels like a conquering hero. Daniels played a central role in the left’s crusade to arrest Donald Trump. Megyn Kelly destroyed Stormy Daniels with one brutal reality check. In a recent interview with left-wing…

Adam Schiff Was Fuming With Anger After Being Embarrassed on National TV

For months, Adam Schiff has been the biggest name in the Democrat Party. He has become the face of impeachment. But he was fuming with anger after being embarrassed on national TV. When Nancy Pelosi announced her support for impeachment,…

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