Ted Cruz Just Revealed How the Supreme Court Will Decide the Election Winner

Joe Biden and the Democrats plan on contesting the Presidential Election if Donald Trump wins. The plan is for chaos nationwide. And now Ted Cruz just revealed how the Supreme Court will decide the election winner. Ted Cruz appeared on…

Trump Just Got Turned Down by His Top Choice to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

There is much speculation in Washington that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire from the Supreme Court after the 2020 election. Donald Trump already put in his list of possible replacements. But President Trump just got turned down by his top…

Ted Cruz Has A New Piece Of Legislation That Could Leave Ilhan Omar Penniless

Ilhan Omar has been trying nonstop to get the police defunded in her home district. Now she may have to think twice about her plans. Ted Cruz has a new piece of legislation that could leave Ilhan Omar penniless. The…

Ted Cruz Just Revealed a Conspiracy to Bring Down Obama’s Most Treasonous Deal

Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East was horrendous. It weakened both America’s security and its reputation. Ted Cruz just revealed a conspiracy to bring down Obama’s treasonous mistake. Obama’s foreign policies hurt America. Not just his “minor gaffes” like…

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