Donald Trump Threw Down The Gauntlet With A Ultimatum That Made Nancy Pelosi Lose It

Nancy Pelosi has slacked off of her job as she relaxes in her San Francisco mansion. But Donald Trump won’t let her get away with it. Donald Trump threw down the gauntlet with an ultimatum that made Nancy Pelosi lose…

This Republican Issued One Word of Warning to Nancy Pelosi That Left her Defeated

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is back to her plotting. Her sole goal is to bring about the destruction of President Donald Trump. And this Republican issued one word of warning to Nancy Pelosi that left her defeated. Senator Lindsey Graham…

There’s A New Coronavirus Breakthrough. It’s Going To Make A Huge Difference

There a good piece of news in the fight against the Chinese coronavirus. American innovation is making big strides toward defeating this virus. There’s a new coronavirus breakthrough. It’s going to make a huge difference. Mankind has developed more medical…

William Barr Has A New Job That’s Critical To The Coronavirus Response

In the past week life has drastically changed for most Americans because of the Chinese coronavirus. It’s no different for William Barr. William Barr has a new job that’s critical to the coronavirus response. There is a ton of panic…

Mike Pence Found Out His 2020 Fate in This Jaw-Dropping Fox News Report

Rumors continue to fly around Washington that Donald Trump is looking to make a change on the 2020 ticket. That could involve dumping Vice President Mike Pence. And Mike Pence found out his 2020 fate in this jaw-dropping Fox News…

Chuck Schumer Instantly Regretted Making One Career Changing Mistake

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats just sunk to the lowest depths imaginable. They made it clear from ‘Day One’ that they were out to destroy Donald Trump. But Chuck Schumer instantly regretted making this one career-changing mistake. Chuck Schumer and…

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