Trump Just Sent Brett Kavanaugh a Request That Liberals are Going to Hate

Next to President Trump, there may be nobody the left hates more than Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Despite months-long smear campaigns to destroy his reputation, he is on the Supreme Court. And Trump just sent Kavanaugh a request that liberals are…

Iran Issued This Awful Threat to Donald Trump That Could Mean World War 3

America’s enemies are lashing out now that they realize the days of Barack Obama’s weakness and appeasement are over. No country is feeling the pressure of Donald Trump’s pressure campaign quite like Iran. And Iran issued this awful threat to…

William Barr Just Destroyed Donald Trump’s Number One Enemy With This Power Move

Since assuming the job of Attorney General, William Barr has been a breath of fresh air from Jeff Sessions. Barr’s taken the fight to Barack Obama’s Deep State and lawless judges scheming to thwart Donald Trump’s agenda. And William Barr…

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