CNN Said Something About Tucker Carlson That Took Everyone by Surprise

CNN hosts and Tucker Carlson are sworn enemies. The network constantly attacks Carlson’s Fox News show because it’s so effective. But CNN said something about Tucker Carlson that took everyone by surprise. CNN host Brian Stelter hates Tucker Carlson. He’s…

Tucker Carlson Turned Heads by Telling One 2020 Truth Trump Didn’t Want to Hear

Fox News host Tucker Carlson left viewers speechless. Carlson was known as one of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda. But Tucker Carlson turned heads by telling one 2020 truth Trump didn’t want to hear.…

Tucker Carlson Admitted One Fact About Trump That Left Jaws on the Ground

Trucker Carlson is one of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters on the Fox News Channel. Democrats and fake news critics are looking for any hint of dissension between Donald Trump and his backers. And then Tucker Carlson admitted one fact about…

A Fox News Host Is About to Get Fired Because of One Giant Mistake

Fox News operates under media glare unlike any other news outlet. Liberal activists and other members of the fake news media are always on the hunt for the next scandal they think will take down Fox News. And now this…

Tucker Carlson Shuts Down Ilhan Omar On Live TV And It Only Took Him 11 Words

Ilhan Omar has ruffled more feathers in the last six months than just about any Congresswoman. She’s continually insulting America and insulting the people who have bled for this country. Which is why it was so satisfying to watch Tucker…

This Shocking Undercover Video Could Mean The End Of Tucker Carlson’s Career

Democrats smell blood. Liberals have been out to get the conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson kicked off the air since the moment he exploded in popularity. And now this shocking undercover video could mean the end of Carlson’s career.…

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