Mike Pence Stood in Front of the Press and Put Jaws on the Ground With This Decision

Mike Pence’s political future is on the line. Heading into the 2020 election the Vice President stands as the individual in Washington with the most to lose or gain. There is speculation that President Trump will name a new Vice…

Mike Pence Let the Cat Out of the Bag on if He Would Turn on Trump in Impeachment

Democrats and the fake news media keep trying to drag Vice President Mike Pence into the impeachment witch hunt. The goal is drive a wedge between Pence and the President. And as the trial got underway Mike Pence let the…

Pelosi Hit Mike Pence With This Slap in the Face That Left Pence Red With Rage

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is really pushing the envelope. Between impeachment and Iran escalating its war with the United States, Pelosi is under pressure to navigate the Democrats through two political minefields that could blow up in the party’s face.…

All Hell Broke Loose When Mike Pence Confessed to This Ukraine Bombshell

The fallout from a CIA spy’s so-called “whistleblower” complaint continues to engulf the Trump administration. And the coup attempt just took a turn for the worse. Now all hell is breaking loose as Mike Pence confessed to this Ukraine bombshell.…

Mike Pence Found Out a Shocking Piece of News About Being Dropped From the Ticket

For the last several months, rumors swirled around Vice President Mike Pence’s political future. Pundits speculated that President Trump would dump Pence from the ticket. And Mike Pence found out one shocking piece of news about being dropped from the…

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