Joe Biden Told One Massive Lie That Just Ruined His Candidacy

Joe Biden is now in the catbird seat to face off against Donald Trump. The Democrat establishment got in line to prop up Biden in a crowded primary field. But Biden told one massive lie that just ruined his candidacy.…

Joe Biden Had No Idea What Hit Him When Trump Issued This Challenge

It looks more and more like Joe Biden and Donald Trump will face off this November. Democrats and the fake news media believe Biden is the favorite to win the election. But Joe Biden and the media had no idea…

Mike Pence Shut Down This Top Democrat With One Game-Changing Video

The problems the Democrat Party are facing heading into the 2020 election continue to multiply. Democrats are scrambling after a major gaffe put their chances of winning a key swing state in jeopardy. And Mike Pence just shut down this…

You Won’t Believe Who Let the Cat Out of the Bag That Hillary Is Running in 2020

Hillary Clinton has never given up on her lust for power. Every so often Clinton drops a hint about 2020 that suggests she may get in the race. And you won’t believe who let the cat out of the bag…

The Awful Thing Barack Obama Did to the Police Will Leave You Speechless

Barack Obama inflicted all sorts of damage on America during his eight years in office. But an assault on one American institution stood out above the rest. And this awful thing Barack Obama did to the police will leave you…

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