Georgia Declares “They Trust No One” After This Shocking Voting Scandal

This election has been rampant with cries of “fraud.” But hardly anyone is doing anything about it. Now, Georgia declares that the state party is “trusting no one” as they prepare for the election involving their senators. Georgia Republican Party…

A Judge Has a Huge Decision to Make About 200,000 Votes in this Contested Election

Donald Trump’s worst nightmare may be about to come true. There is a major court case about protecting the integrity of the vote. And now a judge has a huge decision to make about 200,000 votes in this contested election.…

A Whistleblower Revealed How Thousands of Votes Were Switched from Trump to Biden

Joe Biden and the Democrats were nervous about this day. President Trump and his campaign have promised evidence of widespread voter fraud. And now a whistleblower revealed how thousands of votes were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in…

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