Nancy Pelosi said Two Words about the Coronavirus that Instantly Backfired

Nancy Pelosi is in deep trouble. The Speaker of the House is facing a crisis. Nancy Pelosi said two words about the coronavirus that instantly backfired. Democrats and Republicans alike believe the 2020 Presidential Election will come down to voters…

Tucker Carlson Shut Down Nancy Pelosi With this Jaw-Dropping Reality Check

Nancy Pelosi just pulled one of the nastiest tricks in the history of American politics. It caused all hell to break loose on Wall Street and in small businesses across America. And then Tucker Carlson shut down Nancy Pelosi with…

Elizabeth Warren Has a Huge Problem That Could Tank the Democratic Party

Elizabeth Warren is fulling embracing radical socialism. But her economic insanity is driving away an important group of people. Elizabeth Warren has a huge problem that could tank the Democratic Party. The Democrats like to pretend that Russian ads played…

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