There’s One Shocking Overlooked Coronavirus Symptom The Public Has Missed

Asymptomatic carriers are unintentionally spreading coronavirus without realizing they’re sick. But there’s a new telltale sign that could let people know if they’ve caught it. There’s a shocking overlooked coronavirus symptom the public has missed. The new coronavirus that emerged…

William Barr Has A New Job That’s Critical To The Coronavirus Response

In the past week life has drastically changed for most Americans because of the Chinese coronavirus. It’s no different for William Barr. William Barr has a new job that’s critical to the coronavirus response. There is a ton of panic…

A Huge Barack Obama College Disaster Scammed Millions of American Students

Obama made sure that he kept a tight control on educational indoctrination. He used regulation to create an unfair playing field that sent some students scrambling. A huge Barack Obama college disaster scammed millions of American students. The college system…

Adam Schiff Is Hiding a Huge Impeachment Secret That Could Explode the Senate Trial

There’s one simple question that Adam Schiff is stubbornly refusing to answer. He knows if he answered it would backfire on the Democrats in a major way. Adam Schiff is hiding a huge impeachment secret that could explode the Senate…

A Whistleblower Came Forward With Bad News That Ended Joe Biden’s Campaign

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is once again under fire because of a whistleblower. But it’s the last person Joe Biden ever would have expected to expose this major scandal. And then a whistleblower came forward with this bad news that…

William Barr Is About to Throw a Major Democrat in Jail Because of an Awful Crime

The Democrat Party can’t handle any more scandals heading into the 2020 election. But now the party may be staring at its worst crisis right in the face. And in response, William Barr is about to throw a major Democrat…

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