Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shocks the Nation by Saying This About Jeffrey Epstein

When Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on charges of sex-trafficking, the world took notice. And his recent passing has left more questions than it does answers. Even crazier is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the nation by saying this about Jeffrey Epstein. It’s…

This Strange Thing Happened Right Before Jeffrey Epstein Died

Accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in a Manhattan jail under highly suspicious circumstance. As details trickled out, the American people raised even more questions about the official story. And jaws were left on the ground when everyone learned…

Bill Clinton Broke Out in a Panic When This Dead Body Turned Up

Bill Clinton and scandal are never far apart. But this latest crisis takes the cake. And Bill Clinton broke out in a panic when this dead body turned up. Billionaire financier, Bill Clinton friend and alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly…

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