Biden Administration Admits Ukraine War Depleting U.S. Weapons Stocks

Joe Biden’s scandal plagued administration is facing its biggest crisis. Now Biden’s own allies are finally admitting the truth. A dramatic public confession just landed Joe Biden in deep trouble. Joe Biden, RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other…

After Years of Ridicule, the COVID “Lab Leak“ Hypothesis Was Just Confirmed

For years, the liberal media ridiculed anyone who claimed COVID came from the Wuhan Lab. Conservatives were accused of “spreading disinformation.” But now, even Joe Biden’s Federal government is finally admitting the truth about COVID. Years after the original hypothesis…

Donald Trump Revealed Why Joe Biden Won’t Shoot Down the Communist Chinese Spy Balloon

Joe Biden allowed a Communist Chinese spy balloon to fly over America and gather intelligence on the United States’ nuclear weapons and most advanced stealth bomber technology. Americans cannot understand why Biden let this happen. But Donald Trump revealed why…

Donald Trump Said Fox News is Facing DOOMSDAY Over This One Word

Donald Trump and Fox News had another falling out. This time the rift may not be repairable. And Donald Trump said Fox News is facing doomsday over this one word. Donald Trump took a shot at Fox News, CNN, and…

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