Trump Delivered A Huge Message For Hillary Clinton That Sent Her Ballistic

Hillary Clinton can’t escape the trap that she was trying to hurt Republicans with. Now her words have come back to haunt her. Trump delivered a huge message for Hillary Clinton that sent her ballistic. The Democrats only have two…

One Woman Filed a Criminal Complaint that Could Force Joe Biden to Drop Out

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign was rocked by a bombshell allegation they never saw coming. And it involves an alleged sexual assault scandal from Biden’s past. Now this one woman filed a criminal complaint that could force Joe Biden to drop…

Elizabeth Warren’s Leaked Hush-Money Secret Could Destroy Her Campaign Overnight

Though it is disturbing as all get out, Elizabeth Warren is dominating the field of Democrat candidates. She’s polling at 17%, just a few percentage points behind the front-runner Joe Biden. And while that’s true today, Elizabeth Warren’s leaked hush-money…

A Top Democrat Dropped a Huge Hint About the 2020 Election That Changes Everything

Democrats are going all in for the 2020 election. If they can’t win, their party as we know it is over. And a top Democrat dropped a huge hint about the 2020 election that changes everything. Since losing in her…

One Woman’s Jaw Dropping Confession Just Ended Joe Biden’s Career

Joe Biden was expected to enter the race as the frontrunner for the Democrat nomination. He was even considered as being the biggest threat to defeat Donald Trump. But now Joe Biden’s career could be over because of this woman’s…

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