China’s Communist Government Gave A Chilling Warning. This Could Mean War

There’s one smoking gun that America needs to investigate immediately. This goes beyond anything that they have done before. China’s communist government gave a chilling warning.  This could mean war. The list of China’s normal crimes could fill a textbook.…

China’s On The Defensive After America Hit Them With This Gigantic Lawsuit

China thought that a massive bribe would get them off the hook for their coronavirus consequences. But they couldn’t have been more wrong. China’s on the defensive after America hit them with this gigantic lawsuit. America is China’s biggest export…

Dr. Fauci Made a Confession About China that had Fox News Hosts at a Loss for Words

The news coming out of China disturbs millions of Americans. Chinese government officials covered up the outbreak originating from a Wuhan laboratory and published fake numbers about the number of cases and deaths in China. Now Dr. Fauci made a…

A Bombshell Report Provides A Shocking Answer To The Origins Of The Chinese Virus

American officials urgently sent a secret message to Washington after a visit to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. What they saw inside was deeply troubling. A bombshell report provides a shocking answer to the origins of the Chinese virus. President…

This Smoking Gun just Blew up China’s Big Coronavirus Cover Up

The coronavirus escaped from China in January and wreaked havoc across the globe. One mystery surrounding the virus is where it came from. And this smoking gun just proved the coronavirus came from a lab in China. For months fake…

A New Discovery In The Coronavirus Genetics Terrifies The Chinese Government

The Chinese Government is paying the price for the lies they’ve told the world. There will be a huge reckoning for their communist government when the crisis is over. A new discovery in the coronavirus genetics terrifies the Chinese government.…

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